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"The word hacker became a favorite part of my vocabulary when I first saw the movie Jurassic Park. The boy, Tim, calls Lex, his sister, a computer nerd, and she abruptly replies, “I prefer to be called a hacker.” Later, that precocious, self-proclaimed hacker provides some nifty computer coding that ultimately saves everyone from being eaten by diabolical raptors and other ravenous dinosaurs.

"Even though they were fictional, her heroics made me an instant fan of Lex, the young hacker in Jurassic Park.

"You see, she didn’t steal top-secret government files or surreptitiously empty the bank accounts of hundreds of unsuspecting retirees. Rather, she saw a problem, used the assets she had at her fingertips, and concocted a solution that no one else could see. She didn’t need a committee or a five-year plan. Lex, the hacker, had all she needed—a problem, a unique skillset, and a little finesse.

"Lex is one of my favorite movie characters because of her courage in the face of incredible odds and because she taught me that hackers are not the dangerous predators they’re made out to be. In fact, most hackers have the potential to be heroes...."

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