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How to share your message with millions and become a major influencer in your field in just minutes a day

with @markbarnes19


Do you know how to share your message or product with millions of people without advertising?

There are three surprisingly simple answers:

  1.  Build social proof of your expertise

  2. Share powerful FREE information 24/7

  3. Engage with your followers, even when you sleep

People want to know they are learning and/or buying from credible, knowledgable, influencers, and this starts with social proof. When you read Tweets from people with 10,000-plus followers, you see the information and the people as credible. If 10,000 people are following him, he must know what he's talking about.

Did you know...?

Only one-tenth of one percent of people on Twitter have 10,000 or more followers. Twitter Masterminds online course instructor @markbarnes19 has over 115,000 followers. 

Twitter Masterminds Rule their Worlds

"Regular" people, like @markbarnes19 (a teacher), who connect with tens of thousands of like-minded individuals, have become major influencers in their fields and have sold thousands of products to their followers. They are the Twitter Masterminds!

Okay, but what exactly do Twitter Masterminds do that others don't?

  1. Masterminds find and follow the right people (this course shows you how), and those people follow back.
  2. Masterminds interact with their audience every single day (this course shows you how to do it in minutes a day).
  3. Masterminds share tons of incredible resources (this course shows you how to find resources and share them automatically).
  4. Masterminds market their message or products without looking like they're marketing (this course shows you exactly how to do this).
  5. Masterminds create and nurture a powerful group of Ambassadors--people willing to promote you, even more than they promote themselves (this is one of the most powerful lessons in this course).
  6. Masterminds never stop learning (you get Exclusive Lifetime Acess to the Twitter Mastermind Library--TML--the most powerful Twitter Ninja Tricks in the world--only available in this course).

What you get

  • 8 instant-access Twitter Masterminds modules--no waiting necessary
  • Mark's ninja strategies for using one FREE tool that will bring you up to 150 new, real Twitter followers in a single day
  • Dozens of how-to videos from Twitter Mastermind @markbarnes19
  • Lifetime Access to Mark Barnes' Twitter Mastermind Library (TML), containing the secrets no one else has
  • Lifetime Access to Mark's Exclusive, Members-Only Facebook group--where only the real Masterminds reside
  • Getting started on Twitter (if you happen to be a beginner)
  • Mark's Ninja strategies for many FREE 3rd-party Twitter tools
  • Exclusive access to the secret marketing strategies Mark Barnes has used to propel Hack Learning to one of the hottest start-ups in education
  • Private, full access to @markbarnes19 inside the Masterminds Course Website--Mark personally responds to every comment
  • Exclusive lifetime access to the new Twitter (and other bonus social media) strategies that Mark personally adds to the course and the TML monthly

Are you ready to rule your world, become a major influencer, and build a massive audience of buyers and Ambassadors?

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