Tips for Handling Lengthy Assignments

How difficult do you find organizing and writing a lengthy assignment? Writing lengthy project assignments should not be intimidating. Though most students feel like being overwhelmed, you can convert the feeling and attitude into fun. There are simple tips you can use when working on such a writing project. Lengthy writings need some writing skills. You need to take one step at a time to review research, gather research, set project goals, and create an outline.

Researching Thoroughly

Having an in-depth understanding of the assignment topic is the first thing to bear in mind when handling lengthy project writing. You can write much on the topic you already have an understanding of. Lengthy projects need a lot of research. That is why you may take some weeks in the research phase.

While researching, make some right short notes and keep copies of the reading material references for later use. Thorough research will help you provide enough evidence to support your points and make your paper more authentic.

Develop an Outline

Outlines are vital in maintaining your focus and organizing your work. since lengthy assignments have a lot of information, you need a design to guide you and plan your content. You will decide the kind of information to contain and exclude in your project when you use an outline. It is advisable to outline in stages right from the introduction to the conclusion part. It will create a skeleton over which you will continue filling in more information as you continue with more research.

Develop your outline with the following sections:

  1. Introduction
    The section will include the statement of the thesis, which briefs the reader about the argument. You can make it narrow but be free to broaden it depending on the direction your paper will take.
  2. Main points
    Your outline should carry a list of the main point to appear in your paper. The facts are the back born of your project writing. They should tie with the thesis statement and have enough evidence to support the point.
  3. Conclusion
    Try reiterating the main points in the project writing without directly mentioning them. Sum them up in a paragraph and show how they all support in answering the assignment question.

Set The Goals of the Project

To prevent the stalling of your project, avoid procrastination. Have goals and set small deadlines for each activity within the final due date for the assignment. Ensure that the plans are realistic and achievable. You may need to put a reward system for your achievement of goals. The rewards will maintain your positive energies. To avoid stress arising from a last-minute rush, have some clear goals, and follow them.

Your goals should define the time for the following activities: Gathering the sources and researching, completing an outline, finishing the first draft, editing, rewriting, and finalizing your last draft.


Never be scared by the length of your assignment. With 123 Homework you can work on lengthy task and submit an acceptable project writing in time that attracts a good score. Carry out a thorough research on the assignment, create an outline, and have some goals to make you focus as you work.  You will find writing a lengthy assignment easy after reading the above tips. Try it!

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