Easy Guide on How to Get Motivated to Do Homework

Students hate homework because it is time-consuming and not an enjoyable after-school experience. Most people prefer to relax after school with friends or their favourite TV show than sit at the reading table. There is no motivation to do homework even though it is considered an important way of reinforcing what was learnt in the classroom.

This guide provides tips on how to get motivated to do homework even after a long school day.

Why is homework important?

Homework is a lot more than completing a task that your teacher assigns to you. It is essential to your learning process through the revision of topics and building self-study skills. The self-study skills enable you to independently analyse the topics taught in school and form your opinion about them in a way that benefits society. 

When you address the research questions in your homework, you develop your capacity to solve problems and manage your time more efficiently. However, the benefits may not in themselves boost your motivation to do homework.

Reasons why students are not motivated to do homework

The stress from dealing with schoolwork makes students scream, “I hate homework!”. This is a very common statement among students in schools because it deprives them of the opportunity to explore other areas of interest. This lack of motivation can often be traced to the following factors.

  • Complex subject matter

Students are more likely to hate doing homework when they do not understand the topic. It is easier to do homework on topics that you understand or are passionate about than on topics that appear difficult. Students should read further on complex topics before settling into a homework routine.

  • Lack of insight into the homework

People are unmotivated when they do not know what is expected of them in respect of the assignment. This could be more severe if they perceive the homework as boring. It is advised that students ask questions when given homework to enable them to address the task. 

  • Self-perception

Students who do not see themselves as proficient or intelligent, avoid completing their homework. This is based on the fear of not getting good grades as well as being ridiculed by their fellow students. It is important to understand that homework is an opportunity to learn and improve your skills. You should be committed to the process and measure the milestones you accomplish towards academic excellence.  

How to motivate yourself to do homework

If you feel unmotivated towards completing your homework, you are not alone. This is a phase that a lot of students experience as a rite of passage during their school days. It is normal to feel lazy when you think of doing your homework. This guide has listed a few tips below that can boost your homework motivation.

  1. Have a homework companion

When you work with a homework companion, you can stay accountable to each other. It is preferable to have someone who is passionate about the task serve as your companion. This will keep you motivated, especially when the thought, “I hate homework!” pops up in your mind. You can also build a friendship while working on similar goals.

  1. Create an exercise routine

If you feel tired, having a nap may not be advisable because you may likely wake up the next day. This is not the best experience for students who have to turn in homework on that day. It is recommended to perform breathing exercises or other physical exercises to boost your attention span and make you feel energized to do homework.

  1. Listen to study music

Music boosts your energy levels and is recommended for homework motivation. There are study playlists that you can download for your homework sessions. Also, you can create your own playlist with soft music to ease into the moment. People who listen to classical or instrumental music share testimonials of an increase in their concentration level. 

If you still cannot focus on your homework, you can also take a shower or change your environment. You may consider taking a walk or meditating for a while before starting work.


Homework is an important part of your academic journey. You can apply the strategies in this guide to understand your reservations and boost your motivation to do homework. If you work consistently on the tips, you will experience significant progress in doing your homework which will also reflect on your grades.

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